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Vladimir Guerrero  hits his 400 career record home run. (NoWay Jose holding the sign in the background)


If you are an Angels Fan then THIS is the place to be. This website is for TRUE FANS IN ACTION! Please read Our Story on how this site came about and where it's going. We want YOU to be a part of it all. It's going to be much MORE then a website or Fan Club. This is a place for you to get to KNOW other Angels Fans, not only through the website but also in person, at rally's, and during games. Where we can come together. Feel free go to our forum and create and comment on a discussion, read and make  blogs, and also feel free to copy any artwork you like. (please DO NOT change any of it) And don't forget to let us get to know you by Chatting Below in our LIVE CHAT ROOM.

All of us here at
Halo-Space are looking forward to getting to know all of YOU!

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